Maintenance Of Different Electric Bicycle Parts

When you get yourself an electric bicycle, how much maintenance it needs is always a matter of concern. But what most people do not seem to know is the ease with which electric bicycles can be maintained. The maintenance of one type of electric bicycle can differ from another type. This blog will help you take a look at how the amount of maintenance required for e-bikes differ from the type of e-bike it is.

We all want comfort in our lives but whether it be a car, a bike, or even a regular bicycle, all of them make trouble for us at one point in time or the other. We, at Kewl Motors, want to make sure that your mode of commute is stable and comfortable. Our electric bicycle kits are low maintenance because they are made up of superior quality materials and parts.


electric bicycle
electric bicycle

It is brushed permanent magnet DC motors that are often referred to as PMDC motors, while brushless permanent magnet DC motors are referred to as BLDC motors, and while they show similar speed and torque behaviour, there are two significant differences between them, the first difference between them being the fact that PMDC motors are commutated mechanically, via brushes and a commutator, whereas BLDC motors are commutated electronically usually via Hall effect sensors on their stator. The second difference is that PMDC motors have a stator made of permanent magnets, while BLDC motors have rotors made of permanent magnets.

These differences give rise to differences in the way that they are treated and maintained. Having no mechanical commutator or brushes that are destined to wear out, brushless DC motors are low maintenance and non-sparking. PMDC Motors on the other hand, require periodic maintenance, and their brushes might need to be replaced in order to extend their life. All these differences give you all the more reasons to get yourself a BLDC Motor.


electric bicycle
electric bicycle

Gearless motors, also called direct drive motors are faster, but have less torque, they’re more durable, but they’re also heavier and draggy, making pedaling less efficient, and their range on a full charge is a little less as compared to geared motors. Geared motors are light and small, and there’s almost no drag when pedaling, but the top speed will be lower, and though they offer more torque, their nylon gears can wear out under hard use, and the gears make a bit of noise as they spin. 

So, when it comes to maintenance, gearless motors wins the race. But maintaining an electric bicycle, all together, is no issue. When it comes to geared motors, their nylon gears might need replacement after a certain period of time but it’s a low cost maintenance. They also have their own set of advantages. So, even though gearless motors may be more durable, geared motors are not second to it.


electric bicycle

The controller is one of the most important parts of an electric bicycle. It is connected to all the other parts of the electric bicycle. A controller is made up of main chips and peripheral components. The working of the controller basically depends upon the integrated circuit which comes in it. A bad quality IC is prone to wear out sooner than you can imagine and will cause damage to your electric bicycle. We, at Kewl Motors, make sure that our products are made out of the best quality material and are pretty confident in them. The IC provided in our controllers are of high quality so that you don’t need to worry about and stress over your electric bicycle’s ‘health’.


In conclusion, we can infer that electric bicycles are one the best upcoming technology upgradation. They not only require low maintenance, but they are also not dependent on petrol. Getting yourself an electric bicycle is a one time investment since any good quality electric bicycles would last longer than you can imagine, meaning they are durable enough. 

We can proudly say that all the problems, which any random brand’s products might make you face, won’t get the chance to pop up in our products. If you buy your electric bicycle products from Kewl Motors, we’ll make sure that the products that reach you, are worth the price and are of one of the highest-level quality.