Fat Tyre Motor

Fat Tyre Motor is a DIY rear-wheel e-bike conversion kit for bicycles with a rear drop-out size “175mm” cassette  ≦9 Speeds. Easily convert your pedal bike into a motorized bike within 1-hour. This Fat Tyre Motor, which is compatible with the disc brake, has a rated power of 250W, providing ideal power for vehicles.

Strong and efficient, It greatly enhances riding comfort and is suitable for fat bikes, touring bikes, commuter bikes, and mountain bikes. Three riding Models (E-bike & Pedal Assisted bicycle, Pedaling bicycle, Pure Power bicycle) for you to choose from, you can choose the E-bike to enjoy long time travel, and also exercise.

Features of Fat Tyre Motor

Comes with all the necessary accessories. rear wheel & motor, controller, brake lever or brake sensor for hydraulic brakes, thumb throttle, controller case, LCD display (optional), extension cable, PAS( two pcs, default and backup),1T4 cable, battery, and charger(optional), LED light as a free gift and speed up to 45-50 KMH, efficiency ≥ 80%; A reduction ratio of 1: 5 and a maximum torque of 80 N.m, providing ideal power for vehicles; Brake Levers cut off the power supply to the motor safely.

This Fat Tyre Motor comes with a 1-year warranty, 100% replacement or refunds if any quality problem, a North American after-sales service center, provides technical support and maintenance; DDP service, and free Duty, it is the seller who bears the duty.

About Kewl Motors

Kewl motors is a brand under Seegate Corporation for its e cycle kit product range, we are well known in the market for delivering the best quality products in the market and have been trusted by many for our deliverance. We work as hard as possible to see to it that our customers get satisfied with the product and make them achieve their desired outcome..


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