Hub Motor 250 Watt

Hub Motor 250 Watt

Rated Voltage(V) 36V
Rated Power(W) 250W
Wheel Size(inch) 26
Speed(km/h) 25
Rated Efficiency(%) ≥82
Reduction Ratio 1:4.4
Surface  Black
Brake Type Disc Brake
Noise(db) <55db
Waterproof Grade IP65
Hall Sensor Present
Gear Direct Gear

Hub Motor 250 Watt convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike. It is a BLDC type motor and it has the ability to provide a maximum torque of 35Nm. With a maximum speed of 25kmph, it not only has a good amount of acceleration, but it is also suitable for traveling over various types of terrains. 

Features of Hub Motor 250 Watt:

  1. Good Speed as approved by the Government
  2. No ARAI registration required
  3. No license is required to drive an e-cycle with these motors. Even a 14-year-old kid can drive an electric bike attached to this hub motor.
  4. Provides Smooth Rides 
  5. It has a good life as it is a BLDC motor.
  6. Low maintenance because it is a brushless motor.

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Hub Motor






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